Insanely creative, inspiring beautiful things

What's in a name?

Inspired and named after Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland. The company was born from 30 days of searching for my muchness.


In the fast pace and competitive nature of the business world it's so easy to forget why we do what we do. We forget to chase our dreams... Then life shakes things up for us and create a very uncomfortable and awkward 'fork in the road'.  We think that our hole world is starting to fall apart...


When it's actually falling into place.


Creativity happens at it's own pace in it's own place. Like the fork in the road we might not know where it's going or where it will end up, the only importance is that we keep going and chasing that spark.


The Madhatter's Teatable is a creative kitchen where we take logic and turn it into insanely creative, delicious magic.


What is muchness?






Archaic. greatness, as in quantity, measure, or degree.


The innocence and imagination that appears in the hearts of young children. As the children grow older, they become more mature, and gain responsibilities. They lose their muchness.



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Welcome to wonderland
Insanely creative, inspiring beautiful things
Welcome to wonderland
Insanely creative, inspiring beautiful things